Aug 4, 2009

Counting down the days

I had some sleepless nights. And some wakeful mornings when I woke up, wanna do much but can't. Just had too much to think about ahead. Counting down the days I had to plan and stock up for Ru-Shin's big day on November 6.. She has ask if I could decorate the wedding cake with pink peonies. She would get someone to bake the cake.

It was such an honour. So I said yes without much thought. Its when her mom visited me at home, I realised I had to bake the cake too! Because Aunty wouldn't have time to bake the cake, fuss about the guest lists, worry about the perfect gown she has to get people to sew and stitch for her daughter.

And so I told Aunty that I would bake the cake too. And decorate it. To make they like what I was to do, I bake the cake for them to try. They loved it. And Aunty ask me for the secret recipe which I gladly gave it to her.

It was a Vanilla Fairy Cake laced with Cointreau soaked Dark Sweet Cherries. Here is the photo of the cake.

I know I won't have time to make pink peonies so I had email a lady who lives in Surabaya, Indonesia to help me with it. I asked her to make 18 flowers for me. Although I only needed 6. Just in case, I thought. The picture on the left is what Ru-shin wanted. The picture on the right is what the sugar artist did for me. Can you tell them apart? I can't! She is so good with her hands. I'm impressed.

Over the period of days and months when I teach fondant modelling and baking, I have ask my students if they would like to join me to bake and pack the cakes for the wedding. A few have replied saying they would love to join me. As I would teach them for free, how to bake the cake, assemble it, packed it and also molded the 3 tier wedding cake.

Aunty ask for 500 mini fairy cakes to be individually packed into a Gold Wedding favor box. The main wedding cake was to be 3 tier, rounded. And I was left to inspire them on how I could place 6 pink peonies on the entire cake.

Why six(6) ? Because Ru-shin says 6 in Cantonese sounds like "Look" which is her family name.

I have already stock up the Wedding Favor Boxes. And the bride and groom stickers are already on the plane from Guangzhou to Singapore.

Hubby dearest told me to inspire me on this big project:

"Think of it as good practice. When our girls' time are up to get hitched, you will know what to do."

And I said to him:

"When its time for them to get married, they would want to do their own things. Remember how we didn't want your mom to do those Teochew piah for our wedding?"


God Bless all Mothers! Who lovingly cared for us all the days of our lives. And now as a mother myself, I think at this stage, this is one time I really had to let them go!

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