Aug 5, 2009


Construction going on and on and on..outside my apartment. They are fixing up new pavements, drains and walkways. Everyday, the cars parked nearby are covered in dust and dirt. So are our flats. And I am coughing due to the dust..

So to distract myself from the noise..I decided to do this. Thankfully, Natasha didn't had to go school today. So she help me to take photos of me in stages painting this on fondant. I wanted to take this to show my students who came on Sunday to learn to paint roses on fondant. To inspire them..

Finally, rewarded with this:

The full picture. I am going to leave it to dry till bone-hard. Then framed it up and leave it in the store.

Well, I didn't passed my O level Arts paper for nothing. If only my Ah Gong is still alive...I would do this for his birthday and wished him many more wonderful years with us.


xan said...

wow A++ art student! very nice, Gina.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful work Gina. I wonder what did you do with the finished work? A great piece of art!

faithy, the amateur baker said...

Wow! Extremely impressive piece of drawing! Your chinese writing is soo good too!

Nurainie said...


Cookie said...

Hi Gina,
I didn't pass my arts... so i am just going to sit still and envy the beautiful art piece!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

Pls advise where I could find the schedule of your classes.

Tks & Rgds

Gina Choong said...

Thanks all..I enjoy doing this as a form of relaxation and the stress I get from running a retail store alone.

Olivia, you can find out about my class at my website. That's

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

May I ask if you have on stock:
Embosser plate : Floral
Code :BK039
Price : S$ 29.00 each

It is stated as no stock. I really wish to buy some nice embosser plate and wonder if you have any nice one on stock?


Gina Choong said...


yes, stock came only recently, but no time to update the site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

Tks and will hop over to your shop soon.


Joy said...

this is super, Gina!