Aug 31, 2009

Teach me to fish

Today many local schools in Singapore have a mini celebration for Teacher's Day. At the store yesterday, we had pretty good sales of all things gift packs wise and baking ingredients too.

Melody warned me ahead of time what she wanted to do for her teachers. At first it was Cookies..then I managed to change her thoughts to having cupcakes and fondant. As I don't have the time to whip up icing and pipe it out. I find royal icing more wasteful as we are not doing alot.

So I baked 30 Chocolate Cupcakes on Saturday night after returning from the store. Left it to cool overnight. The next day, I had to wake her up to do the decoration. And found some cuppies missing from the tray!

Luckily, she only needed 6 for school. So the leftovers were brought to the store for sale. In case there are customers who are busy and just wanted to get something nice for their kid's teachers too.

These are what we did together..great bonding time as I missed out many days bonding with Melody since I open shop.

These went to the store for sale

For S$1.00 each. Please don't ask me to do this. I am just doing this for fun only. If you want a full order, I will give you my friend's contact for cuppies.

Melody's cuppies which she made herself. Which she holds all the pride for:

Melody is all cheerful early in the morning to do good spirit, I'll say

Close up for some of the cuppies we did

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Simply Sweetie said...

Hi Gina

The cupcakes are so beautiful to be eaten.