Aug 24, 2009

Pai Pau revisited

Fellow blogger, Florence recently baked some pai pau. When I chanced upon it, I remembered the craze it created at my KC forum some years back when a forum member shared her recipe on Pai Pau. Soon after, many members tried it. But as usual, I am not easily contented with the basics. So I use the pai pau based recipe and recreated a newer version of bread. This is what I did.

Note that I didn't make this yesterday!! This was an old archived post I had in my forum. Thought of just sharing on my blog for a memory post. yums!

Just out of the oven

2.5 tsps dry yeast
375g bread flour
100g sugar
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 Tbps butter, melted
125ml of fresh Tomato juice(use 3-4 ripe red tomatoes)
a pinch of Saffron Herbs
egg wash: 1 egg, lightly beaten
white sesame seeds, optional

1. Place all the wet ingredients in the bake pan(juice, eggs, butter)
2. Follow by the dry ingredients(sugar, flour, yeast, herbs)
3. Press DOUGH function for the Breadmaker machine.
4. When its done, remove from the bake pan.
5. For the circular shape rolls, this is how I did it:

arrange in a square tin. I use a disposal tin for this.

7. Leave it to proof till double in size(about 30 mins to 45 mins)
8. After 2nd proofing, brush top with egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds on top

9. Bake in preheated oven 170C for 20 mins
10. Remove from oven to cool outside.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

Must buy a bread machine soon. Matthew loves bread but with his allergies it is risky to buy him some of the fancy rolls that he craves for.

I'm sure he will love the pai pau with all the variations.


Gina Choong said...

Vivien, no need to get bread machine. Just use a good cake mixer for this or knead it manually. It will still work. The bread machine just speed up the process of kneading and proofing as it has internal heating element to warm the dough during kneading process.