Mar 15, 2010

An Elephant never forgets

And I would like to think that a Dog too. Especially with mine. Jing Jing, our female shetland sheepdog. Yesterday after dinner, while playing with her, I noticed that her collar was loose. So I removed it to tighten it. Her collar is like a belt with a clip that you can adjust to shorten it or to lengthen it.

She was most upset. She sat there whinning at me. Poking her muzzle into my hands. Then Melody said it may reminded her of her past. It was then, I remembered. Jing Jing was a puppy with very sad eyes. A forlorn look. When we took her home with us, I got into a taxi. She was whinning inside the taxi too. I thought she was car-sick. I rang up the ex owner and she said Jing Jing don't like car rides and don't like her collar removed. We had to remove her collar when the owner sold it to us.

That action meant that she was going away...AGAIN!

In all, she has came and went into 5 homes excluding the last one which is us. She was only a 7 month old puppy but she has been from her first home to the pet shop. Then to a man for his wife..which later was given away to the man's secretary because she was grieving over the death of her dog. Who in turn was taken away from her because she couldn't care for her and ended up in another house.

Jing Jing had no name. Was often called as "Hey" or "A" or "ah girl". She had a collar that was removed time and again whenever she moved into a new home. And that accompanied with a car ride.

So she remembered : a car ride or collar removed is bad news. Means nobody wants her. She will be sent away again.

this was Jing Jing when she first came to our place. She loved the girls and would sit on Natasha's lap all the time. She has this fear that nobody wants her. So she stayed very closely to all of us.

Over time, with lots of love and assurance, she knew we are always here for her. She is happier now. But she still remembers. So it is also for this reason that Dr Lennie Lee(the vet who also treated my past pets) visits her for her annual medical checkup and her vaccinations.

Jing Jing is now 3 years old. How time has just flew by.


Stevia said...

Hi Gina, Elephant does forget but most memories, especially the traumatic ones last for about 40 years. Hence the saying "An elephant never forgets". I like reading your blog, you are a very special lady. If I ever visit Singapore in the near future, I would like to pay you a visit at your store. Leave it to the hands of destiny. Thanks for sharing all the lovely things about live. You'll be blessed.

Warmest Regards to you and your family
Down Under

Gina Choong said...

Hi Stevia, Thank you for letting me know. I always wondered about that saying. Thank you, too, for your kind comments. I hope to meet you too. :) Many who read my blog, makes a point to visit me at my store. Just to put a face to all the posts they read from here.