Mar 23, 2010

Love is... Part Two

I grew up in the sixties..listening to old hits and evergreen music. One particular singer by the name of Bobby Vinton was my all time favourite. He had a song "I Love How You Love Me". I used to listen over the radio. Then when my dad bought a tape recorder with radio built into it, I waited for that song to come online again and quickly recorded it. And would listen to it over and over again.

Here's the lyrics:
I love how your eyes close
Whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you
I love how you miss me
I love the way your kiss is always heavenly
But darling most of all
I love how you love me

I love how your heart beats
Whenever I hold you
I love how you think of me
Without being told to
I love the way your touch is always tenderly
But darling most of all
I love how you love me

I love how your eyes close
Each time that you kiss me
And when I'm away from you
I love how you miss me
I love the way your kiss is always heavenly
But darling most of all
I love how you love me

Yah, you can call me a teenager in love with somebody out there..! But who? Who fits the bill here? I measured my past boyfriends with a yard stick based on the things they liked. To see if they like what I like or if not, can they at least accept the fact I like all these silly love songs.

Benny was in many ways someone I wanted and longed for. Someone I dreamed of. Someone I wanted for a very long time. But never came sooner. Only much later. After I have met others, loved and unloved, out of place and all that.

Someone like my dad. Someone who gave me security, and warms my heart. Someone I could trust. Someone who believes in me. All the things I could do. Or couldn't. Someone who have faith in me. And accepted me with all my insecurities, my failures.

When we started dating without the group thingy, I remembered I did all the talking. Benny was the quiet one. He only smiled or the occasional Yes, No. So I had to open up to him. Tell him things about me. Then ask him about his. Our initial days were all about who are you, what are you, what was your childhood like. Getting to know each other in-depth. Like an intensive study of one-self.

He would bring me to the finest places for food. He didn't have a car back then. But we took taxi wherever we went. He never allowed me to take a bus home. He was a gentleman. Paid for everything. Opened car doors, shopping doors, restaurant doors, etc.

If we had to cross the road, he would walk in front to shield me, just in case. He always say. If we walked on a busy road, he would walk beside me, where the cars came dashing by, almost inches from his shoulders. Yes, he made me felt really secured.

I never told him what I wanted. Somehow, I know I prayed, and I told God what I wanted. I asked God to help me find that special someone. And when that someone comes, and if he comes from God, I would know for sure. Because this someone will be doing all the things I wanted him to do.

There was one time we waited for a taxi at Lucky Plaza's taxi stand. The queue was extremely long. So I told Benny we should take a bus instead. As its getting late, my mom would nag at me if I am home after 11pm. During this bus trip, I was humming that song by Bobby Vinton..and Benny ask me

"You also like Bobby's song? I loved old songs, evergreens too. My favourite was from the Brothers Four and of course Elvis Presley. .... and also Cliff Richard."

Gosh! At the back of my head, I was in the million chances would someone tell me something like that? So we ended up singing Bobby Vinton's old songs at the back seats in the double decker bus 103 from Orchard Road to Jalan Kayu.

And in my heart, I said a quiet prayer... "Thank you, Heavenly Father..."

End of Part Two..see you tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginna
looks like you are living on cloud nine all years and even more so now. because, you are still romantic and loving towards your hubby. well done, you are so blessed. i have come across ten of thousands cases, where the spouses just drifted apart where sweet nothings is unheard and only complaints and discontent are the order of the day. keep up your loving commitment and show the world, how sincere and meaningful vows are kept alive admist all sinful distractions and temptations are abundance.
God bless

Gina Choong said...

hi, yes. We spent many years raising our daughters and sometimes we do drift apart once in a while. But we never forget how much we loved each other for. We have been married for 21 years now. We are still the same..still as loving as before. Even more so now as our girls are alot grown up now. I wanted Love to be something show out loud, not hidden away. We should all keep up the work of staying in love forever. I never spoke ill of Benny and he spoke highly of me in front of all his friends, colleagues. Thank you for your kind comments. More to come the next few days..

Hazel said...

Hi Gina,

Reading your posts make me feel hopeful. I'm still praying for the Mr Right and after reading your post, I'm more hopeful that when he appears, he will be the Mr Right I have been praying for. Thank you for sharing.